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Epping’s Pre-school where children play, grow and learn together

Give your children the best start in life in our caring, safe and stimulating environment at Gum Tree Cottage Pre-School. Based in Epping, we encourage your children to play and be creative whilst developing their social skills and confidence. 

Our pre-school professionals are enthusiastic about providing a well-planned education program. Together, we make sure your child enjoys and makes the most of their early years in a homely and spacious centre.

Call us today to arrange a tour of our pre-school in Epping where your child’s learning opportunities are endless.

» Who we are

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Gum Tree Cottage Pre-School is a privately owned and operated pre-school, licensed and supervised by the NSW Department of Education and Communities under the National Quality Framework (NQF). Our pre-school was established in November 1993 and provides care for 36 children daily, aged between 3, up to 6 years.

We are registered with the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) to participate in the National Quality Standards (NQS). The NQS sets a new national benchmark for the quality of education and care services and gives pre-schools and families a better understanding of a quality service. This also enable families to make informed decisions about pre-schools that provide education and care to their child.

The NQS is a key aspect of the National Quality Framework and was informed by research about best practice and the way in which high-quality education and care contributes to positive outcomes for children. It comprises quality areas, standards and elements.

Recently, under the previous system run by the National Childcare Accreditation Council, our pre-school has been accredited for the sixth time and is currently waiting to be assessed under the new NQF system. We are very proud of our achievements and are dedicated to continuously improving and providing the highest possible care for your children.

» The Program

We have embraced the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia and its principles in belonging, being and becoming. This framework allows us to contribute to children’s worlds by using their interests, cultures, communities, and family adventures when planning learning experiences. These family adventures are a great addition to the program which children respond to positively, and extend their knowledge on a particular topic. Children feel very satisfied when sharing their adventures with their fellow peers.

Also when programming, our pre-school educators have developed a strong focus on individualised learning where children are observed on an individual basis. We then use these observations to plan experiences for a child based on their interests, abilities and their parent’s goals and feedback. These observations can be seen documented in your child’s Wombat or Koala learning areas, as well as in their developmental journals.

In accordance with our pre-school’s philosophy, we have designed our program to offer a vibrant, flexible setting with spaces that are responsive to each child’s interest and abilities. We provide a developmentally appropriate environment in which each child can progress from one developmental stage to the next at their own pace. By working in partnerships and collaborating with families where everybody is valued, we believe we can provide a holistic approach to children’s learning and lives.

For the children in the Koala group that are preparing to attend school the following year, we have an extensive and thorough School Readiness Program. Our School Readiness Program begins in September and continues for the rest of the year, replacing rest time. This program includes:

  • Pre-literacy skills
  • Pre-numeracy skills
  • Preparation for a smooth transition to school
  • Introducing the concept of school to children
  • Social and emotional preparation
  • Developing communication skills
  • General knowledge of the world
  • Stimulating children’s interests in learning
  • Developing an awareness of limits and rules and understanding why we have them
  • Setting a foundation for school life
  • Promoting independence, self-help skills and confidence
  • Phonological awareness
  • Developing a positive sense of self
  • Developing receptive and expressive skills.

We challenge the children and support these skills throughout the year, however this program focuses more intensely on the children’s skills and abilities as the time draws nearer to them attending big school.

» The Daily activities

At Gum Tree Cottage Pre-School, all children participate in regular developmental programs as well as being offered opportunities to develop early literacy and numeracy skills. Our Centre in Epping provides a light, spacious, friendly environment, well equipped with toys and apparatus for indoor and outdoor experiences.

During the day, an educational program is provided, giving children the opportunity to make progress in various areas of development.

Your child’s day will typically include:

  • A time where he or she is given free choice of activities. Please note that some activities will be set up with specific goals in mind for each child to extend their development in particular areas, and to encourage their interests and enjoyment within the program.
  • Small group times where children engage in specially prepared activities.
  • Expression sessions, including music, drama and dance.
  • Meal times, sleep and rest time.
  • Especially dedicated School Readiness Program for Koalas throughout September to December.
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» Behaviour guidance

Our Behaviour Guidance Policy is based on a positive approach to promote a calm and pleasant learning environment. To achieve this, we observe and listen, and through explanation, anticipation, direct statements, negotiation and room setting techniques, we achieve positive outcomes. As a last resort, we move the child and put them in time out.

» Meals

We ask all parents to please provide a piece of fruit in the basket daily for morning tea. This will be cut up and served on a platter for the children to share and enjoy. Parents are required to provide a nutritious cut lunch in a labelled container, and please inform our staff if lunches need to be re-heated. Your child’s leftover lunch will be kept in their lunch box, so you know what they have consumed. Please do not feed your child with leftovers as they are not refrigerated.

Children have access to water throughout the day and low-fat milk, along with water that is offered at afternoon tea time. Our Pre-school provides afternoon tea, and you can find the menu on the front noticeboard which is changed on a 4-week rotation system. We do consider children with allergies in our set menu and encourage parent feedback and suggestions. Please be aware that Gum Tree Cottage Pre-School is a nut-free Pre-school.

» Food allergies, asthma and diabetes

If your child has any food allergies, or suffers from asthma or diabetes, your child will not be able to commence attendance until required mandatory documentation of Plan of Action are provided. Furthermore, as a condition of enrolment, you will be asked to actively participate in the development of a risk-minimising plan for your child.

» General requirements

When your child enrolls at our per-school in Epping, there are a few general requirements that we ask all parents to adhere to, including:

  • Providing a sheet, kept in a pillowcase for your child’s rest time. A small single or cot sheet is suitable for children’s beds which are 55cm x 140 cm, and must be clearly marked with your child’s name. The sheets are sent home every week to be laundered.
  • Make sure a complete change of clothes is kept in your child’s bag at all times. This is important for children of all ages.
  • A summer hat is a must for all children, as no hat results in no play, all year round.
  • A school bag that a child can open and close by itself is essential.
  • A water bottle to be left in your child’s locker.
  • Labelling all clothes and items, as we do not take any responsibility for lost articles.
  • As we encourage all children to participate in all activities, we do provide protective aprons, however children feel more comfortable getting messy if they are dressed in practical play clothing.

Please inform staff if:

  • Custody or access arrangements have changed.  
  • Someone different is picking up your child. Notice in writing is required.
  • Your address or phone number have changed.
  • Your child is sick or going on holiday.
  • You are leaving the pre-school with your child.

» Newsletter

Every month, a newsletter will be e-mailed to you or placed in your child’s locker if you wish to receive a paper copy. Our newsletters are very informative and will keep you in touch with all our pre-school events and information.
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